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[ south side ] "Make Us Free"This monument is a memorial to the 1839 Amistad Revolt and its leader, Sengbe Pieh, also known as Joseph Cinque. Sengbe Pieh was one of the millions of Africans kidnapped from their homes and transported in bondage to …
[ battle names inscribed on the marble base ]Chemin-Des Dames · Aisne · Seichpry · St-Mihiel · Chateau-Thierry · Verdun · Meuse-Argonne · Marne[ plaque 1 ]In Grateful MemoryofHer Heroic SonsWho Fell…
Renovation of the New Haven Green1986 - 1990Laid out in the 1638 plan for the New Haven Colony, this 16-acre green is the physical and symbolic heart of the city and has borne witness to its most important historic events. In 1983, the New Haven c…
The fountain around the Memorial Flagpole commemorates 150 years of service by the New Haven Water Company founded by Eli Whitney. The first water was brought to the Green from Lake Whitney on January 1, 1862 in order to provide fresh water for dr…
New Haven GreenHas Been Designated ANationalHistoric LandmarkThis Site Possesses National SignificanceCommemorating the History of theUnited States of America1971National Park ServiceUnited States Department of the Interior
New HavenSettlement of Quinnipiac, afterward named New Haven, began on April 25, 1638 with the arrival of a large group from London by way of Boston, under the leadership of merchant Theophilus Eaton and the Reverend John Davenport. Later that yea…
Here dweltMr. Richard Perryfirst owner of this land——————————-He was Secretary toThe General Court ofThe Colony of New Havenand received this landas a grantfrom the town proprietorsA.D. 1640