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The History of the East Plymouth and St. Matthew's Cemetery East Plymouth (also known as East Church), located at the boundary convergence of Bristol, Plymouth and Harwinton, became a distinct community largely because of events occurring in th…
James Johnson House Has Been Placed On The National Register Of Historic Places By The United States Department Of The Interior For Exceptional Illistration Of United States History James Johnson ca. 1839
1835 Highway Marker Monuments were placed at one mile intervals starting from the State Housse in Hartford. Tollgates were located at these markers.
The Old Terryville Cemetery features the graves of over 120 of Terryville's earliest residents. The earliest grave is believed to be Francis A. Lewis, who died May 5th, 1832 at the age of one year and five months. The families interred here includ…
The Eli Terry Jr. Water Wheel is believed to be one of only two water wheels of its type in the United States. Originally it supplied power to the Terry Clock Shop located on this property. In the early 1830's the manufacture of locks began. By 18…
Vietnam 1961 - 1975 Six Men Gave Their Lives Dunn, Richard E. ? Esten, John E. ? Manarel, Charles R. ? Mclellan, Arthur C. ? Micloskey, Ken E. ? Mitchell, Robert W. Acker, Robert E. ? Albert, Paul A. ? Albright, Barry L. ? Alexander, David J., J…
This Bell Rang In The OriginalTerryville Congregational Church Bell TowerUntil 1967When The Structure Was Destroyed By Fire.
1917-19181941-1945Dedicated to the loyal sons and daughters of Plymouth, Connecticut, who served their country during World Wars I and II. Erected though the generosity of Judge Andrew W. Granniss, 1953
Town Of ThomastonDedicated In HonorOf Those Who Served[ far left tablet ] Wars And Conflicts Braucci, Andrew D. ? Vietnam · Dipesa, John A. ? Persian Gulf · Duffany, Lawrence F. ? Vietnam · Grabherr, Edward T. ? Vietnam &midd…
Dedicated InMemory Of TheMen And WomenOf The Town OfPlymouth, Conn.Who ServedTheir Country InWorld War IWorld War IIKorean War[ center tablet ]The FollowingMade TheSupreme SacrificeWorld War IBull, John · Chamberlin, Willis L. · Gree…