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Furnished water for both Colonials and Red Coats during Battle of the Short Hills, June 26, 1777. (Home of Jonathan Terry)
Here rest the remains ofCaesar, an African,who died February 7th, 1806aged 104 years.He was more than half a century,a worthy member of the Church inthis place; and closed his life inthe confidence of a Christian.His numerous friends haveerected t…
In honor ofthe Patriots and Soldiersof the American Revolutionat rest in this cemetery. Ceasar TMS ? 1806 · Noah Clark ? 1801 · James Coles ? 1812 · John Darby, Sr. ? 1820 · John Darby, Jr. ? 1829 · James Dorc…
Built in 1770. Home of MaryDarby and Revolutionary patriotJohn B. Osborn who "Bearded theBritish lion under Washington."
Home of Jessie Dolbier, wheelwright and blacksmith to the revolution.
Bought about 1785 by Capt. Gershom Littell for bride Phobe Terry, uniting two very early settlers families.Built about 1750.
First Parsonage in Essex Co. gift of William Darby - Residence of Rev. James Manning, founder of Brown University and mother organization to Churches in Lyons Farms, Samptown & Mays Lick, Ky. & New York City.
Osborn House - Home of Rev. Soldiers and later home of Hollingsworth and Darby Fur Mill associated with Cannon Ball from battle of the Short Hills, June 27, 1777.
Circa 1750"Frazee Homestead"British General Cornwallis stopped to ask for bread during the battle of Short Hills, June 26, 1777, and was marked by Betty Frazee's famous statement "I give you this in fear, not in love."
1799Marking the route through Scotch Plains of the Swift Sure Stage Line Philadelphia to New York. Erected by Scotch Plains Chapter D.A.R.February 12, 1941