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Dedicated to the memory of themen and women of Jewish faithwho gave their lives in theservice of their country.Placed in their memory by theLt. James I. Platt Post No. 651Jewish War Veteransof the United StatesAugust 19, 1962
Included in the New Jersey Register of Historic Places and National Register of Historic Places, Radburn achieved its special place in the realm of community planning and architecture as a forerunner in new town planning and cluster development. R…
This Park is dedicatedAs a living memorial to those of Fair Lawn who made the supreme sacrifice in defense of their country the United States of AmericaDedicated May 29, 1949
This piece of steel from the World Trade Center is in memory of those residents who perished that day and to the brave men and women who gave their lives to save so many others.Their courage and love of our country will be a source of strength an…
WORLD WAR IHarry Cappendycke - Army - Oct. 8, 1918Daniel S. Yeomans - Army - Oct. 8, 1918Charles Marshner - Army - Oct. 14, 1918WORLD WAR IIEllsworth Smith - Army - Sep. 9, 1942William M. Cozine Jr. - Air Force - Feb. 6, 1943James I. Platt - Army …
This plaque is dedicated to the millions who perished because of hate and intolerance, and the millions who gave their lives defending humanity in the war from 1939-1945. Those who forget history are bound to repeat it.Presented to: The Borough of…
Near site of 1745 mill later known as Red Mill
On this site stood what was known as "The Slave House"Part of the Acker estate "Fair Lawn" from which the borough received its name. The "Slave House" was built much earlier than the 1865 Acker home and may have been used as a shelter for runaway …
This colonial home was built in the 18th century by a Naugle. He was said to have been a paymaster in Layayette's Light Division. The house served as a landmark on many Revolutionary War maps. It is believed that Lafayette visited here in 1824.Spo…
One of the last farmsteads in Fair Lawn stood on this site. The house built by Henry A. Hopper in 1855 was razed for road improvement in 1989. He was a Sheriff and Freeholder of Bergen County and served in the State Legislature. In 1919 William M.…