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(front) In memory of the men and women of Shrewsbury who served their country in World War II and especially in honor of George L. Atkinson and Robert R. Campbell who gave their lives for their country. (side) Civil War In memory of C…
Converts of George Keith, 1702, became nucleus of Episcopalian Congregation Incorporated in 1738. This edifice was built in 1769.
The settlement of Quakers in the colony of New Jersey is regarded as an important contribution to a progressive tradition in the state. Then as now, Quakers believed in equality and in granting women a unique role in their communities. Quakers bel…
The Historic American Building Survey Department of the Interior Department Washington D.C. has selected The Quaker Meeting House erected 1816 Shrewsbury New Jersey as being worthy of preservation.
Planted by the early colonists in the Royal Province of New Jersey marked the Delaware Trail used by the indians and later by Washington's troops on the Burlington Path. Memorialized byMonmouth Chapter, D.A.R.June 28, 1935