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Site of the 1844 cooperative agricultural community; founded by Albert Bisbane and modeled after the philosophy of French Socialist Charles Fourier. This communal experiment was a success until it was destroyed by fire in 1854.
In tribute toCapt. Joshua Huddyof Colts Neck ? 1750 - 1782Monmouth County Revolutionary War hero.Erected by the citizens of Colts NeckAugust 27, 1977
The first person to be buried on this land was a sailor known simply as Brooks. that year, 1855, when the land was still known only as Potter's Fields, seven others were also buried, beginning the establishment of St. Catharines' largest and most …
Colts Neck Townshiphonors its citizenswho made thesupreme sacrificefor their country.World War IIJames ComerfordAlex GrabelewskiTimothy LottJames K. MoreauEdward OryllMitchell ZaleskiKoreaRobert L. CoxVietnamJohn J. Boese
Born inBound Brook, N.J. Aug. 30, 1758son of Benjamin & Margaret Field.Wounded and captured in theBattle of Monmouth Court House.Left in this area by the Britishin their retreat. Whether hedied of his wounds or was slainby his captors is not known…
Tavern and stagecoach stop on The Burlington Path—from the Atlantic Coast to the Delaware River. Owned by the widow Hart, the wife of Joshua huddy.
One of 6 "one room" schoolhouses, originally known as the Barrenton School was moved to its present site, and became the Montrose School. Operation ceased in 1922 with the construction of the Atlantic School on Rt. 537.
Site of the home of Revolutionary Hero Captain Joshua Huddy and his wife, the Widow Hart. In 1780, a party of Tories set fire to the home.