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The Morris Canal was an engineering marvel of its time.   A system of 23 lift locks and 23 inclined planes enabled the canal to overcome more elevation change than any other transportation canal ever built. Large changes in elevation were overcom…
Waterloo has been a transportation hub since 1760 when wagons brought pig iron from nearby Andover Furnace to the village's iron forge.   When the Morris Canal opened in 1831, horse-drawn wagons brought iron ore to the docks where it was loaded o…
The inclined planes of the Morris Canal solved a major engineering problem.   The canal route had to overcome 1,674 feet of elevation change across New Jersey. The route was chosen for access to the state's iron industry and to utilize the water …
The hydraulic - poweredinclined plane systemof the Morris Canal.Presented 1980
? ? ? Built by the English companyof Allen & Turner about 1700,whose iron works wereconfiscated in 1778 by order of theContinental Congress. Firstmaster of record to occupy itwas John Hackett.
Named for Andover, England.Begun in 1760 by Allenand Turner. Pig iron fromhere made fine steelfor Continental Army.
The Delaware, Lackawanna and Western Railroad started construction on an eleven million dollar connection between Port Morris and Columbia, NJ in 1910. Completed within less than two years, it was an engineering marvel of its time, given that it w…
Purchased from a large tract of land belonging to William Penn, William Allen and Joseph Turner started their iron works here in 1760. Slaves and indentured servants were employed to extract and process iron ore to produce fine grade iron. The iro…
In 1735, Royal Governor Jonathan Belcher ordered Sussex County's Government and Courts to be moved from Log Gaol to the tavern - house of Thomas Woolverton (1717-1760). Justice of the Peace and Tax Collector, until a permanent Courthouse was erect…
The Amity School was built in 1840, and in continuous use until June 1936. When it was built, Byram Township included part of current Sparta Township, and all of Stanhope and Hopatcong Boroughs. Stanhope Road did not reach from Green Road to Tomah…