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This property is listed in the National Register of Historic Places by the United States Department of the Interior.Belvidere Historic District
In 1824 Garret Wall presented the land which ... "is always to be kept and continued open as a public square, walk, promenade for the free common and uninterrupted use of the County of Warren forever."
Built in 1826. Location of early sensational trials and public hangings. Its present colonial appearance retained in 1959-1960 restoration.
Combat Wounded VeteransMilitary Order of the Purple Heart1782 - 1932Dedicated to all recipients of the Purple Heart, those wounded during our nation's wars and conflicts. My stone is red for the blood they shed, the medal I bear is my country's…
[ Center Marker: ] We, The Citizens of Warren County, dedicate this monument on the eleventh day of November, nineteen hundred and ninety eight, to the Veterans of Warren County who have made the ultimate sacrifice, thus preserving for us our basi…
ResolutionOn motion by Mrs. Dickey, seconded by Mr. Miller the following resolution was unanimously adopted by the Board of Chosen Freeholders of the County of Warren at a meeting held March 9, 1994. Resolution honoring the membership of the Fi…
Major Robert Hoops had a store and mill here in the 1770's. "Mercer" became Belvidere in 1791. It became a river trade center in the 1800's and finally the county seat in 1825.
Barefoot country folk sat under this tree to put on shoes before going to worship across the village green.
OxfordIndustrial HistoricDistrictSite #13Oxford House/Wall Street Oxford House has been aninn since the middle 1850s.
OxfordIndustrial HistoricDistrictSite #14 The brick "L" building wasbuilt in the mid 1800s andwas the third location ofthe company store.