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Pioneered to establish this first mental hospital in New Jersey in 1848. She was later Chief Nurse in the Union Army.
1952-1983 "Oldest known black bear to live in captivity" Nothing is lost that leaves a memory
A Bicentennial commemorative siterecognizing America's200th year of liberty Trenton Battle Monument Marks site of major gun emplacementat Battle of TrentonDecember 25, 1776
Dedicated to the memoryof the Black soldiers and patriotsboth free and enslavedwho served in the American Revolution1776 - 1783
(On the back Panel):This monument is erected by the Trenton Battle Monument Association to commemorate the victory gained by the American Army over the forces of Great Britain in this town on the 25th day of DecemberAnno Domini 1776 (On the fro…
The first gun an eight inch Parrott Rifle or 200 pounder, fired from the Marsh Battery, on Morris Island, S.C. at the City of Charleston, 7,000 yards distance. Weight of gun 16,500 pounds, weight of charge of powder 16 pounds, and weight of projec…
Pioneered to establish this first mental hospital in New Jersey in 1848. She was later Chief Nurse in the Union Army.
Civil EngineerDesigner and builderof many suspension bridgesFounder of Trenton's greatest industryAn energetic workerInventor and man of affairsDevoted to his adopted countryin whose progress he had unswerving faithA patron of arts and sciencesand…
A Bicentennial commemorative site recognizing America's 200th year of libertyCadwalader ParkNamed for General Thomas Cadwalader, Trenton's Chief Burgess in 1746. Promoted by Edmund C. Hill in 1884. Authorized by City Council in 1888 following a pu…
(Front):Mercer County to her sonswho served in the United StatesArmy and Navy1861-1866.Dedicated June 19, 1903(Soldier's Side):Liberty and UnionOne FlagOne LandOne Nation Evermore(Back):Erected as a tribute to Loyalty, Patriotism and Valor (Sai…