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The original 1763 home was here. Commissary-General Charles Stewart feted officers of the Continental Army. House replaced c. 1800 by the imposing stone residence across the road.
Farmstead on 308 acres: circa 1765Revolutionary War patriot who secured boats for Washington's Crossing and wintered at Valley Forge.
Boy scout camp 1938-1974. Named for Samuel Buck (1874-1937), first High Bridge Troop 149 Scoutmaster & V.P. of Taylor-Wharton Iron & Steel Co.
In 1913, the State of New Jersey acquired 747 acres to establish a farm colony to treat the mentally ill. During World War I, inmates from the reformatory at Rahway farmed the property to provide emergency food supplies for the war effort. After t…
Established in 1929, the facility promoted the farm school ideas of communal living and outdoor health. Like similar institutions of the era and in keeping with the ideals of juvenile reform, the facility originally had no fences to disrupt the ca…
The Woodhenge/Pit circleIf you were here 4000 years ago in the Early Bronze Age you would be standing inside a large wooden enclosure. The passage tomb was no longer in use at this time but the site was still a focal point for ritual and celebrati…
"To plant a tree is to trust in the future" Dedicated to those lost and those left behind. September 11, 2001
Site of 18th and 19th Century Water Powered Mills.Placed on the state and federal register of historic sites in 1999.
Built west from Elizabeth and Jersey City in the 1830s, reaching Easton in 1852. This stop spawned the town of Clinton Station, renamed Annandale in 1873.
Founded in 1861. This church built in 1868 when Annandale was known as Clinton Junction.