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Dedicated to Colonel James H. Van Horn 1881 - 1974 For his efforts to preserve the trees, plantings, and beauty at this plaza and throughout the Borough of Bound Brook. Bound Brook Mayor Council Bound Brook Shade Tree Commission Bound Bro…
That empires might fall and that peoples every where might be free, these men and women jeoparded their lives unto the death in the World War 1914 - 1918.
In grateful memory to these and those unknown who have died so that we may live.
Founded in 1688 and the oldest congregation in Somerset County, this fifth sanctuary was designed by Oscar S. Teale in 1896 and dedicated in 1898. Unique features of this medieval revival style building include a semi-circular floor plan, innovati…
This white oak, one of the oldest in N.J., was already about 80 feet tall on May 4, 1681, when two Lenni-Lenape indian chiefs sold the 5000 acres on which Bound Brook now stands to New Jersey governor Phillip Carteret and seven other men. The tree…
Dedicated to the memory of ourfallen comradesof theWorld War.Giles - Biondi Post #63
Originally planned in 1683 but not constructed until about 1731, this triple arch stone bridge is believed to be one of the oldest examples of its type still existing in New Jersey. Perhaps it is the oldest. The bridge marks the boundary between M…
Hessian Jaeger Captain Johann Von Ewald wrote the following account of the action on April 13, 1777. "At daybreak I came upon an empty picket on this side of the stone causeway which led to Bound Brook through a marsh along the Raritan River f…
Dedicated a historic site in 1889 by citizens of the community to memorialize the encampment of Washington's Army in 1777 and from Nov. 1778 to June 1779. The Middlebrook encampment in New Jersey entered the National Register of Historic Places…
During the 1777 encampment, Washington's heavily entrenched stronghold defied the massed British Army of 18,000 under Howe and prevented the British movement against Philadelphia by land (June 14 to 30). This delay caused Howe to move by sea, with…