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Constructed in 1920, this was the New York headquarters of the International Tailoring Company and its subsidiary, J.T. Taylor & Company. It was one of the world's largest manufacturers of men's custom-made clothing. From the early to mid-20th Ce…
"At the age of six, I started cycling in Stuyvesant Park. I couldn't have ever dreamed where cycling would later take me in life. At the late-for-competition age of 33, I started competing at local races in Central Park, challenging myself to do b…
Gift of the New York Philharmonic and the Dvořák American Heritage Association to the City of New York 1997. This bronze statue by Ivan Mestrovic (1883-1962) was commissioned by the Czechoslovak National Council of America and presented to t…
Cervantes This statue was presented to the City of New York by the Mayor of Madrid, Spain in 1986. It stood in Bryant Park before being donated to New York University in 1989.
In 1859, the Society of Friends, known as Quakers, commissioned the firm of King & Kellum to design a structure "exactly suited for a Friends Meeting, entirely plain, neat and chaste, of good taste, but avoiding all useless ornament". This buildin…
On this site Sir Arthur Sullivan composed "The Pirates of Penzance" during 1879
Celebrated Painter and teacher, Robert Henri lived, painted and taught here from 1909 until 1929.
Opened in 1868 as McCreery's Dry Goods Store, the Cast Iron Building is one of the finest examples of cast-iron artistry in New York City. Noted architect John Kellum designed the building and the leading firm of J.B. and W.W. Cornell manufactured…
The novelist, playwright, and diarist lived here from 1931-1942, where she wrote Come Back to Sorrento, Turn, Magic Wheel, Angels on Toast, and A Time to Be Born. Born in Ohio, she wrote perceptive novels set in small Midwestern towns, and high-sp…
The landscape gardener lived here from 1872 to 1913. Her 192 commissions include the East Garden (1913) of The White House, and the grounds of Dumbarton Oaks (1922-41), also in Washington, D.C. The niece of the celebrated writer, Edith Wharton, sh…