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We rememberOn September 11, 2001, despicable acts of terrorism were perepetrated on our country. In tribute to the eternal spirit of the innocent victims of these crimes and to the selfless courage shown by both public servants and private citizen…
In commemoration of the solemn pontifical mass marking the bicentennial of the Archdiocese of New York offered by His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI April 20 2008 here in Yankee Stadium. Gift of Knights of Columbus.
In commemoration of the mass for world justice and peace offered by His Holiness Pope John Paul II October 2, 1979 here in Yankee Stadium. Gift of the Knights of Columbus.
In commemoration of the solemn mass for peace offered by His Holiness Pope Paul VI October 4, 1963 here in Yankee Stadium. Gift of Knights of Columbus
Gentleman · American · SportsmanThrough whose vision and courage this imposing edifice, destined to become the home of champions, was erected and dedicated to the American game of baseball.
Moulder of a tradition of victory under whose guidance the Yankees won fourteen American League pennants and ten World Championships and brought to this field some of the greatest baseball stars of all time. This memorial is a tribute from those w…
American League batting champion 1984American League MVP (145 RBI) 1985Nine-time gold glove winnerSix-time American League All-StarSet record for most grand slams in a season (6) 1987Major League record for most home runs in seven consecutive game…
For half a century he has welcomed generations of fans with his trademark greeting "Ladies and Gentleman, welcome to Yankee Stadium". His clear, concise and correct vocal style has announced the names of hundreds of players - both unfamiliar and l…
536 Home Runs. Winner of Triple Crown 1956. Most World Series Home Runs 18. Selected to All Star team 20 times. Won MVP award 1956, 1957 - 1962, Elected to Hall of Fame 1974. A magnificent Yankee who left a legacy of unequaled courage.
A man A gentleman and a great ball player. Whose amazing record of 2130 consecutive games should stand for all time. This memorial is a tribute from the Yankee players to their beloved captain and team mate. July the Fourth 1941