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George Washington. Legends & Lore. During the American Revolution Washington stopped to chat with the children here at this old stone schoolhouse on his way to Newburgh. var plainText = document.getElementById('inscription1').in…
Site Of Signal Fires War Of The Revolution
Situated in the center of Orange County, Goshen has a long and storied history as a major focal point of the nation's railroad infrastructure. When the builders of the New York & Erie Railroad began construction, they envisioned a railroad that wo…
Not far from this location, which in 1862 was part of the Wickham Farm that stretched from here to what is now the C. J. Hooker School, lays the site of the first encampment of the celebrated 124th New York Volunteers known as the "Orange Blossoms…
Erected in 1841, this building served as courthouse until 1970. Designed by Thornton M. Niven, if reflects the Greek Revival in architecture that produced man fine buildings.
Built in the 1700's and used continuously as a school until 1936 when purchased by Minisink Chapter, NSDAR. N.Y. State and National Register of Historic Places
Home of Neufchaltel CheeseBirthplace of Hambletonian progeditor of trotters
1888-1946 home of noted Afro-American artist. Attended nearby segregated school 1902 Metropolitan Museum Exhibit 1995.
With gift of this property, 1915, by Luella M. Van Leuven, Goshen Emergency Hospital remained here until 1967, providing care to thousands.Benefactors included Gates McGarrah (1978 GOCOBI)
1727Goshen became the half-shire town of Orange County. Site of 1st courthouse. built 1737. Orange Inn erected 1790.Oldest active hotel. PlaqueGoshen Restoration Unlimited Preservation AwardPresented to Il Limoncello at the Orange InnLuigi Kapi…