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Second oldest Episcopal Church in constant use in America
Richard Haviland Smythe, Architect Harry and Lawrence Lyons, Builders The American Corinthian or Cornstalk motif columns are copies of those designed by Benjamin H. Latrobe in 1809 for the old Supreme Court Chamber in Washington. They are re…
To commemorate a skirmish on August 24, 1777 this tablet is placed by Mayflower Chapter Daughters of the Revolution August 24, 1927 ————————————— Among the pa…
Was the wife of Dr. George Muirson A churchwarden and benefactor of this parish and a pioneer in smallpox innoculation. A British Loyalist, he was exiled after the American Revolution, and all his property was confiscated. Mrs. Muirson's grave…
Built by Amos Smith, Farmer, who Lived Here until 1799. Capt. Swift and his Descendants Lived Here for over 150 Years.
This stone commemoratesthe life ofZachariah HawkinsBaptized at Charlestown, Mass.Oct. 25, 1639.Died and perhaps buriedin this churchyard1699.He was among early settlersof Setauket, L.I. N.Y.and a prominent citizen.He was an original proprietorof B…
Friend and confidant of George Washington.Head of Long Island Secret Service during the Revolution, and operated under the alias of Samuel Culper, Sr. To him and his associates have been credited a large share in the success of the Army of the Re…
"The Cedars"Built in 1879 bySelah B. Strong.Home of therenowned localhistorian Miss KateWheeler Strong.Frederick Diaper,architectPrivate home
Patentee and first magistrate of Setauket. Born in Thenford, Northhamptonshire, England,13 September 1620. Died in Setauket, 17 October 1690.Michael Gressel, Sculptor
Colonel, 2nd Regiment, Light Dragoons, Continental Army. As a spy for General Washington, was instrumental in the capture of Major Andre, although he grieved at his hanging. Born in the Setauket Parsonage, 25 February 1754.Michael Gressel, Sculptor