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Built 1614 By The Dutch Explorers. Christiaensen And Block First Trading Center Established In New York State.
In 1835 the City appropriated $1,000 and citizens raised a fund to enclose it within an iron fence. A fountain, the first in the city, dedicated in 1863. Albany 300 - 1686-1986 - Still making HistoryErected by Albany Tricentennial Committee 1986
Major General Philip Schuyler commanded the Northern Department of the Continental Army until August 1777. After the Battles of Saratoga, British General Burgoyne stayed here as a prisoner-guest. Revolutionary Heritage Trail
TheSchuyler MansionErected 1762The Home ofMajor General Philip Schuylerof the American RevolutionPatriot * Soldier * Statesman* 1733 1804*Acquired by the State of New York 1911Restored and DedicatedOctober 17, 1917
TheSchuyler Mansion1762Acquired By TheState Of New York1911Restored and DedicatedAs An Historic MonumentOctober 17, 1917GovernorCharles S. WhitmanTrusteesMary Margaretta Manning PresidentJames F. Tracey Vice-Prst.Edgar C. Leonard SecretaryAlb…
When the USS Slater returned from Greece to dock at the Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum in New York City on August 27, 1993, the state of the ship was appalling.The first goal was to survey the condition of the ship and develop a plan of action. …
In 1997, the management at the Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum made the decision to downsize and the SLATER was asked to find a new home. The ship was towed to Albany and arrived on October 27, 1997 to a crowd of well wishers. Here, a new group o…
The whole painstaking process of restoring the ship, acquiring the parts and installing the refurbished gear, has been driven by volunteers and would have never been possible without these dedicated individuals. The SLATER's wooden whale boat has …
Time: The Second World War, 1942 During the "dark days" of 1940, after the German conquest of France and prior to the U.S. involvement in World War II, England stood alone against the threat of Nazi world domination. An island nation, England w…
From This Ground Glenn Curtiss Began The First Long Distance Airplane Flight Albany To New York May 29, 1910.