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Veterans Memorial This memorial is dedicated to the men and women who served their country in times of armed conflict in order to preserve the principals and ideals upon which our country was founded.
Billy Sherman Nearby lies Billy Sherman Confederate war horse captured in Chattanooga, TN by Lorenzo Pratt of Wilson. Billy dies 1889, age about 32.
Greenwood a rural cemetery ca. 1838 Veterans of Revolutionary Civil, Crimean, Spanish Amer., World Wars I & II and later wars rest here.
Wilson-Tuscarora State Park is located in Niagara County along the south shore of Lake Ontario at the mouth of Twelve-Mile Creek. Established in 1965, the park encompasses approximately 386 acres where visitors can swim, fish, canoe, birdwatch, an…
Beaches occur along the shoreline of a body of water where waves or currents deposit and rework sand, gravel, pebbles, cobble, and shell fragments. Longshore drift, an important natural process in the formation of a beach, occurs when loose sedime…
Migrants and Irruptives. Migrating birds follow regular routes between breeding and non-breeding areas twice each year. The timing for each specie is about the same every year. Irruptive migrations do not happen every year. Irruptions occur in fal…
A solemn tribute to the men and women of Wilson who served with distinction in the armed forces of the United States of America in every theatre of operation in World War I, World War II and Korean War. A memorial to the imperishable glory of thos…
Vietnam Memorial In Memory of 1st Lt. Michael E. Witkop of Wilson who gave his life in South Vietnam May 18, 1943 - October 25, 1968
The idea for the building of Greenwood Veterans' Memorial Park was that of Floyd "Red" Clark. Started in 2005, it was initially intended to be a memorial to the residents of the Wilson area who served in World War II. However, during construction,…
In the 1890's, Park Street was originally built as a land access to Lake Island Park from Harbor Street. Wilson Harbor was a resort area for people from all over Western New York (especially Buffalo, Rochester, and Niagara Falls) who would arrive …