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Brockport Central Rural High School Opened in 1934, the school served students in grades 7-12 until 1967 when a new high school was built. The original building then became known as the Middle School & served students in grades 6-8 thereafter. The…
Sodoma Farms Beginning in 1918, three generations of the Sodoma Family, led by Andrew, Robert D., John, Robert J., Robert A., and Michael, produced fruit and vegetables in this area for 97 consecutive years.
In commemoration of the sacrifice and service of our revolutionary ancestors and pioneers who braved the wilderness and made a settlement in Clarkson in 1803. This memorial, a section of a column from an early courthouse of Monroe County, is at th…
Milo L. Starks Home of Civil War hero, led 140th NY infantry on Little Round Top 7/2/1863 wounded 4 times, killed at Laurel Hill, May 14, 1864
Clarkson Community Church Clarkson's first pioneer church. Oldest church on Ridge Road west of the Genesee River, in Monroe County. Organized as a congre- gational society in 1816. Erected 1825. Dedicated 1828. Clarkson's original academy burned 1…
Philip Boss artist and cabinet maker, lived here from 1820 to 1830. Moving to Rochester, then, he achieved great popularity as a painter of portraits
Henry R. Selden 1805-1885 Lieut. Gov. and judge lived here. George B. Selden inventor of "Selden Patent" for automobiles was born here
Clarkson Established April 2, 1819 as part of Murray; named for General Matthew Clarkson, early land owner and Brigidier General, New York State Militia. Clarkson Congregational Church oldest rural church structure in Monroe County, built 1825.
First known as West Pulteney after Sir William Pulteney, Bath, England. Early land owner: renamed in honor of Riga, Latvia on April 8, 1808 Berkshire, Mass. Pioneers included Richard, Elihu and Samuel Church, who gave their name to Churchville Vi…
The opening of the Brockport to Buffalo section in October 1825 marked the completion of the 348 mile Erie Canal. By linking the Hudson River with the Great Lakes, the Canal provided the first economical means of transportation from the eastern se…