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An expedition against the hostile Indian nations which checked the aggressions of the English and Indians on the frontiers of New York and Pennsylvania, extending westward the dominion of the United States.
Trench Howitzer Mk 11/1918 No. T.W.11557 Sheffield
During the Colonial period the valleys of the Chemung River tributaries comprised the domain of the Senecas. This unit of the Iroquois Confederacy was called a door of the Six Nations through which passed communications with the west & the south. …
Dedication This [Painted Post Memorial] monument is dedicated to the Village of Painted Post and its Citizens in recognition of their courageous and determined recovery from the destruction wrought by Tropical Storm Agnes on June 23, 1972. May t…
has been placed on the National Register of Historic Places by the United States Department of the Interior
To the Soldier Dead of the Town of Erwin Erected A.D. 1913 Their deeds are held in grateful memory Infantry 23rd. N.Y. — 112th. N.Y. 74th. N.Y. — 141st. N.Y. 86th. N.Y. — 161st. N.Y. 107th. N.Y. — 179th. N.Y. Ca…
Col. Timothy Pickering, commissioner appointed by President Washington, negotiated the Treaty of Painted Post with the Iroquois Indians, which ended warfare between the Six Nations and the white settlers in New York State. Dedicated: June 11, 196…
The Final Episode of theSullivan-Clinton Campaignwas the advance ofCol. Van Cortland's Brigadeup the Canisteo River tothis area two miles beyondthe Tory-Indian town ofPainted Post, burned byCapt. Simon Spaulding's RiflemenSeptember 28, 1779