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Braddock Carnegie Library has been designated a National Historic Landmark This site possesses national significance In commemorating the history of the United States of America Built in 1888-1889 and dedicated March 30, 1889, This is the f…
Joe was of eastern European stock and worked in the steel mills of Pittsburgh. His physical power and his courageous, giving and industrious character made Joe the greatest steelworker who ever lived. In fact, Joe was made of steel, born in an …
was near this tablet. Here General Braddock was refreshed and the wounds bathed that he received in the Battle of Braddock's Defeat. July, 9, 1755, From these wounds he died July 13, 1755 ———————&md…
Known as the high tide of the Whiskey Rebellion, the rendezvous of militias from Pennsylvania's four western counties took place here, August 1-2, 1794. This was the largest armed resistance to the national government between the Revolutionary and…
July 9, 1755, General Braddock's British forces en route to capture Fort Duquesne were ambushed and routed by French and Indians within present limits of Braddock and North Braddock, forcing retreat and failure of the expedition.
Dedicated July 9, 1930 to Colonel George Washington, who served as aide-de-camp to General Edward Braddock in the Battle of Braddock's Field around this site July 9, 1755
In the largest work stoppage to that date, over 350,000 U.S. workers went off the job. Reverend Adalbert Kazincy, pastor of Saint Michael's here, championed the strikers and provided the church as a meeting place. The strike failed after 15 weeks.