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Observatory Hill was originall part of Allegheny City. Since Allegheny City's annexation to the City of Pittsburgh in 1907, the Observatory Hill district has expanded and is home to nearly 14,000 residents. The neighborhood features stately homes,…
Utah's famed measured mile is located approximately seven miles beyond this marker, well in front of the mountains you see on the horizon. The elevation along that course is approximately 4,218 feet above sea level. *** The total length of the cou…
On June 17, 1914, the first transcontinental telephone line was completed near this point on the border of Nevada and Utah at Wendover. Construction forces of the Bell Telephone Company of Nevada and the Mountain States Telephone and Telegraph Com…
Historic LandmarkRiverview United Presbyterian ChurchOriginally Watson Memorial Presbyterian ChurchAllison & Allison, Architects, 1907
Part of the University of Pittsburgh. Chartered 1860; located here since 1912. At the original site nearby, Professor Samuel P. Langley conducted experiments that would lead to the first sustained, mechanically powered flight in 1896.