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On this "charming field for an encounter" George Washington built Fort Necessity in May-June 1754 as defense against an approaching French force. The battle fought here July 3 brought on the French and Indian War for control of the conti…
Colonel George Washington on June 29, 1754 began a fort here. July 4 he surrendered to a superior force of French. Fort Necessity Park includes the historic area and reconstructed fort.
This tablet marks a well preserved scar of the Old Braddock Trail, one of the most historic pioneer highways in all America.Here, Nemacolin and his associates blazed the trail that became a National Highway. Here, passed the laden pack horse t…
William Behrends — The Polo Player. The bronze Polo Player is the work of William Behrends, one of the nation's foremost sculptors. Educated both in the U.S.A. and Europe, Behrends has won some of the nation's top sculpture awards. His commi…
This tablet marks the site of The Great Meadows where Lt. Col. George Washington fought his first battle and made his first and last surrender, July 3-4, 1754.
Preaching the Word and Preserving the Heritage. Organized March 24, 1842, the first congregation of this church worshipped in a log building which is preserved as the thirty feet square sanctuary of the existing structure. The church is located on…
This tavern once bustled with activity. Judge Nathaniel Ewing of Uniontown built it about 1830, then sold in in 1840 to James Sampey, who ran the tavern with his family. Mount Washington Tavern was a stage stop for the Good Intent Stage Line, one …
This tablet marks the spot where Major-General Edward Braddock was buried, July 14th, 1755. His remains were removed in 1804 to the site of the present monument.
This "National Road" connected east and west in the 1800s. George Washington proposed a route to join the western frontier to the eastern seaboard in the late 1700s. His idea was later promoted by Albert Gallatin, Secretary of the Treasury under P…
Fort Necessity was located about 400 yards to the south in the Great Meadows. Built and commanded, 1754 by Lieutenant Colonel George Washington, aged 22. Here, after 9 hours engagement with M. Coulon de Villiers in command of 900 French regulars a…