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This property has been placed on the National Register of Historic Places by the United States Department of the Interior October 28, 1977
The northern boundary of Pennsylvania, before the purchase of the Erie Triangle in 1792, crossed the highway at this point. The State paid $151,640.25 for the Erie tract and its port on the Lakes.
The Rivi?re aux Boeufs of the French, renamed by George Washington in 1753. It had an important part in the French and Indian War and the settlement of northwestern Pennsylvania.
This monument marks the site ofFort Le BoeufErected by the French in 1752.George WashingtonAs a major representing the governorof Virginia, came here in 1753, bearinga letter to the commander of thefort, warning the French to withdrawtheir forces …
Built by the French in 1752Under British flag 1759 - 1763
Near this site stood successive military posts that secured a vital point on the main route between Pittsburgh and Lake Erie. French Fort LeBeouf built 1753 was abandoned in 1759. British Fort LeBoeuf built 1760 was destroyed by Native Americans i…
Civil War hero was born at the NW corner of First & Cherry Streets. A major turning point in the 1863 Battle of Gettysburg resulted from his independent and decisive action on July 2 in detaching his brigade (including the 83rd Pa. Regiment) to oc…
In December, 1753, George Washington came here with notice from the governor of Virginia to the French that they were trespassing on British soil. The statue shows Washington carrying out his first public mission.
The Judson House, built in 1820, stands on the site of the old French fort. This was the scene of Washington's first public mission.
Three forts have stood on this site. French fort, built 1753, to guard road into Ohio Valley, abandoned 1759. British fort built in 1760, burned by Indians in 1763. American fort to protect settlers, built 1794.