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The oldest church in the borough of Camp Hill. Congregation dates from 1833. Stone Building was erected in 1849 here on Church St. (later, 21st St.). Previously the Churches of God had conducted camp meetings on the wooded hill just beyond.
In the 1780's United Brethren circuit riders began preaching at the home of John Shopp located one half mile north of this site. A Meeting House was erected in the present cemetery in 1827 on land donated by John Shopp. The congregation built a ne…
Camp Hill Named from adjoining camp ground Founded 1756
Lemoyne Formerly named Bridgeport Incorportated 1905
Dedicated to All Veterans TSgt. Robert E. Schwab · Capt. Fredrick "Artie"Reid Hm1 Harvey B. Lease · Charles E. Thomas Lt. Cdr. Sea. II Howard A Miller · T Sgt George Mohnal US Army WWII Pvt. Howard B. Gibney ·…
In the late days of 1863, Samuel Albright's house and farm were used as a Confederate bivouac site and artillery position. In the 1860 Census, Samuel Albright was listed as born "about 1823" and living in what was then East Pennsboro Tow…
Confederate General's Albert G. Jenkin's trot towards Harrisburg was stalled as he neared Oyster's Point, named for a tavern owned by the Oyster family at the junction of Carlisle Pike and Trindle Springs Road. In 1863, these two roads met to form…
In May 1866, the White Hall School for soldiers' orphans opened in the 2100 block of Market Street in what is now Camp Hill. Within a year it had 121 boys and 80 girls under its roof, with a faculty of five and a staff of twelve. The students wore…
A Former Camp Hill resident, "Doc" Goddard served five governors in an unprecedented career from 1955-1979 as Secretary of Forests and Waters and the Department of Environmental Resources. Goddard expanded the state park system, promoted scie…
Legislator and official lived here in Lowther Manor on land conveyed by the Penns in 1771. At the state's 1787 convention to ratify the U.S. Constitution, Whitehill led the Anti-federalist minority; he presented amendments later embodied in the Bi…