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Buried here is the first U.S. Senator from Pennsylvania. In 1789, he and Robert Morris were the first from the Keystone State to be elected to the Senate of the United States.
Buried here is the founder of the city of Harrisburg. In 1785, he and five others planned and named the city.
The first building on this site, a log structure, was erected about 1716. Regular pastorate was established in 1726. The present stone building was erected in 1740 and was restored in 1931. It is the oldest Presbyterian Church building in continuo…
Organized as a congregation in 1732, with William Bertram as first pastor. The second pastor was the famed "Fighting Parson," John Elder. In the churchyard are buried John Harris, Jr., William Maclay and other notables of this region.
A short way from here is early 18th century Paxton Church. The first pastor was installed in 1732. In the churchyard are buried John Harris, founder of Harrisburg, Senator William Maclay, and many other eminent leaders.