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The church which stands at S. Third and Chestnut Streets is the oldest standing church building in Harrisburg, erected in 1822. It however represents the second building on this lot granted by John Harris, Jr. for religious purposed when the Borou…
General Robert E. Lee decided to take the war into the North in June 1863, allowing Southern farmers an uninterrupted growing season, and perhaps convincing European powers to aid the Confederacy. As the rebels invaded Pennsylvania, Harrisburg mad…
Abolitionist, minister, orator, editor, educator. Born in New York City; traveled in the U.S., Canada, and Britain on behalf of antislavery and free Blacks. General Secretary, A.M.E. Zion Church. Lived after 1870 in Harrisburg, where he edited the…
A covered wooden bridge, designed by Theodore Burr, was built here in 1813-17; called "Camel Back" because of its unique arch design. The structure, partly rebuilt in 1847 and 1867, was replaced after severe flood damage in 1902.
This fine collection of historic Front Street townhouses is the single most important row of homes that can be associated with the lives of early Pennsylvania Governors. The original houses on the block; Federal in style and dating to 1812 were de…