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Laid out in 1741, by order of the Proprietors; the first Pennsylvania town west of the Susquehanna River. Seat of the Continental Congress, 1777-78; birthplace of the Articles of Confederation.
Erected in memory of the Defenders of the Union 1861-5 United States Hospital, Established at York. 1862. The dead here interred were soldiers of the Union from sixteen states who died in hospital, at their homes or on battle fields. …
"When you go home. Tell them of us and say For their tomorrow. We gave our today." John Maxwell Edmonds
June 28, 1863, Confederate Gen. Gordon's brigade of Early's division followed this rout through York to Wrightsville. Early's main force remained here until June 30, when it left to rejoin Lee's Army.
In honored memory of the men of York Countywho at the call of their country enteredthe service to fight in the World Warand gave their lives in defense ofliberty, right and justice.
Recognized as America's oldest agricultural fair, dating its origin from a charter issued by the Penns in 1765. Discontinued after 1815, the fair has been conducted annually since 1853 by the York County Agricultural Society. The present ground ha…
One of the Signers of the Declaration of Independence; died in June, 1778, while attending Continental Congress as delegate from New York. His grave is about 300 feet west of here.