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In 1846 the Safe Harbor blast furnace, foundry and rolling mill, using anthracite for fuel, were built by Reeves, Abbott & Co. Great quantities of iron and rails were produced for the Pennsylvania R.R., incorporated in the same year. During the Ci…
When construction began in 1903, no other section of the Pennsylvania Railroad's (PRR) A&S Branch likely seemed as improbable as that along the western boundary of Manor Township. There was no existing path sufficient to the purpose of two-track, …
The Atglen & Susquehanna Branch was constructed (1903-1906) by the Pennsylvania Railroad (PRR) as the middle segment of its Low Grade lane, an ambitious through-freight route which extended some 140 miles from Morrisville Yard near Trenton, New Je…
Lancaster - 7 Conestoga Home of the Conestoga Wagon Formerly Conestoga Center Founded by John Kendig 1805
Dynamite was essential for expedient construction of the A&S. Rock cliffs on the Susquehanna River were blasted for months to create shelves that carried the rails northward, a lower route for the older Port Road and an upper route for the new A&S…