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Maryland's charter, granted in 1632, included old Philadelphia since it made the 40th parallel, which crosses the river near this point, her northern boundary. This charter conflicted with the charter given William Penn in 1681. After more than ei…
The Conestoga Indians lived in scattered settlements along this stream. They were the last of the once mighty Susquehannocks. Their final location was the Conestoga Indian Town which was along the road leading to Creswell. William Penn visited the…
This was the chief trail used by the Minqua (Susquehannock) Indians to carry great wealth in beaver skins to the white settlements on the Delaware during the mid-seventeenth century. The Swedes, Dutch and English warred for the control of this trade.
This area contains one of the highest concentrations of archaeological sites in Pennsylvania. The sites range from small camps to large villages and cover 11,000 years of Native American culture. the largest villages were built by the Susquehannoc…
- Died 1718 - Noted indian trader and interpreterin early Pennsylvania and MarylandFrenchman from Canadawho residedat Fort St. Louisof the Sieur de la Sallein present Illinois, 1684-1690A leader thence of the Shawnee Indiansto Maryland, 1662, and…