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To the Memory of John Durang First native-born American Actor Born within sight of this building Jaunary 6, 1768 Erected by The Theatrical Brotherhood Association Lancaster, Pennsylvania January, 1955
The Lancaster jail was located a half block to the north from 1753 to 1851. The last remaining Conestoga Indians were held here in protective custody in 1763. They were killed by a vigilante group, the Paxton Boys. No arrests were made.
Site of Conestoga Indian MassacreDecember 27, 1763
Major General in the Union Army during the Civil War. He played a key role in committing the Army of the Potomac to the Battle of Gettysburg, July 1, 1863. He was killed early on the first day. Buried in Lancaster Cemetery, he was born and resided…
Misnamed Kentucky Rifle, this famous weapon of the frontier was developed in the 1700's at Lancaster, which was the center for its manufacture
Stevens Grave & MemorialBurial place of a true American hero————————Thaddeus StevensLancaster County's U.S. Representative was the most powerful congressman during the Civil War and early Reconstruct…
To honor the members ofAmbulance Co. No. 111 ? 28th Division A.E.F.Originally Company No. 3Penna. National Guard * Captain Charles P. Starr, Commanding Officer Captains* John D. Boger ? * Alfred F. Compton ? * Grant B. Weaver ? * William M. …
Home of PresidentJames Buchanan
In MemoriamU.S.S. MaineDestroyed in Havana HarborFebruary 15th 1898 This tablet is cast from metal recovered from the U.S.S. Maine < Rear Marker : >1898 - 1902 ? ? ? Erected by General Wm. S. McCaskey Camp United Spanish War Veterans, the Ci…
? ? ? One of the three buildings constructed in 1828, this west dependency appears to have been a combination smokehouse / icehouse when it was originally built. Located a convenient distance from the basement kitchen, it is built of brick, wood,…