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Report from the Fort (during construction)25 September 1794 . Pierre Charles L'Enfant, Engineer to Henry Knox, Secretary of WarA place destitute of every comfort for the hands [workmen]; lay open to all accidents of the season [and was] uncommonly…
Report from the British Side:Journal of Captain John Montresor November 10th: We expressed our batteries against Mud Island Fort, the whole consisting of two 12 pounders, six 24 pounders, guns and one 13 inch mortar for throwing pounder shot a…
Laid out in 1771 by the engineer John Montror. Heroically held by the Americans under British siege until they were forced out, Nov. 15, 1777. Rebuilt 1798-1800 according to L'Enfant's design and enlarged in the 19th century. A U.S. military post …