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The heirs of Wm. Penn donated and deeded the lots to Conrad Weiser and Isaac Levan, ————Trustees.———— The first church was built of logs. Rev. Wm. Stoy, 1755, was the first pastor Gov. Joseph…
Delegate to the Provincial Congress, June 18, 1776. Senior surgeon with his two sons during the Revolution. Had charge of the Valley Forge encampment. (See Berks Co. History,) Died 1787. Aged 79 years.
This property has been placed on the National Register of Historic Places by the United States Department of the Interior ————————————— Beautiful Building of D…
Dedicated to all who rest in unmarked graves One generation shall laud thy works to another... Psalm 145:4 ——————————— Under this chapel lie the remains of [Roll of Burials]
Regarded best example of skew bridge in U.S. Designed by Richard Osborn for the P & R Railroad in 1857. Each course of the arch of 40 feet is laid in ellipsoidal curve, each stone properly curved. There is no keystone.
Eminent jurist; Member State Supreme Court, 1857-1868; Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of U.S., 1870-80; Member Electoral Commission, 1877. His law office and home stood on this site. Died, 1895.
With men enlisted from Berks County, Nagel's Company was a part of the first battalion in the colonies authorized by Congress, in June 1775. After gathering at Reading the following month, this company and other companies of the battalion marched …
In memory ofCol. Conrad Weiser,Pioneer, soldier, diplomat, judge. As interpreter and Indian agent he negotiated every treaty from 1732 until near the close of the French and Indian War.—————The Weiser building where h…
A hewn-log building, erected on this site about 1750; operated until 1760 by Conrad Weiser, distinguished pioneer settler, treaty maker, Indian agent and interpreter, and first Berks County lay judge.
Erected by the Woman's Christian Temperance Union of Reading Pa. for the use of the public. [Bust of] Francis E. Willard