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To Count So High (Beacon), 2017. Custom software, LED light bulbs, and existing light posts. . . This year marks the centennial of the first armed forces personnel qualifying for a Purple Heart. Over the last century 1.9 million Americans have …
A natural low area made this portion of Rock Creek a perfect place to ford the creek on foot, horseback or by carriage. Concrete paving was installed at Milkhouse Ford in the early 1900s to accommodate heavy carriages and automobiles. Unless the c…
Established in 1984, Takoma Station Tavern was born of a vision of Bobby Boyd (1934-2011). Mr. Boyd envisioned an entertainment complex not as an entrepreneurial venture but a venue that incorporated the spirit of family, community and unwavering …
MemorialtoCo. K. 150th O.N.G.I. Which took part In the defense ofFort Stevens, D. C. July 12, 1864
Sacred to the memory of our comrades who gave their lives in defence of the National Capitol July 11, 1864 Erected by the State of New York in honor of the 25th N.Y. Vol. Cav.
In Memory of Our Comrades Killed and Wounded in Battle on This Field July 11th & 12th 1864 98th Regiment Pennsylvania Volunteers First Brigade, 2nd Division, 6th Corps
To the gallant sons of Onondaga County, N.Y. who fought on this field July 12, 1864 in defence of Washington and in the presence of Abraham Lincoln 122 N.Y.V
After the rebels were turned back as the Battle of Fort Stevens ended in 1864, scores of Union Soldiers lay cold and silent. Forty-one of them are buried here in this tiny plot dedicated to their sacrifice. President Abraham Lincoln, who observed …
On July 11 and 12, 1864, this intersection was the center of the only Civil War battle fought in the District of Columbia. Here, Union sharpshooters at Fort Stevens, supported by forces across the northernmost of Washington's ring of forts, stoppe…
This busy section once was a "Country Road" to Washingtonians looking for peace and recreation. If you drove by here a century ago, you would have passed woods and large estates, and might even have seen fox hunters. Across Georgia was the private…