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In Honor and Memory of our Charles County veterans who sacrificed their lives due to enemy action to preserve freedom and peace. (List of names in column #1) . Allen Alvey, Robert Austin, Francis H. Barnes, Benjamin Baum, Vernon Billingsley, Jos…
The Indian Head White Plains Railroad, which became the current rail trail, connected to an internal railroad system at the Indian Head Naval Proving Ground. The existing railroad system at Indian Head reflects four periods: of development: Naval …
Who would ever have imagined that a railroad track, once built with a focus on war, would one day be the source of such peace... The Indian Head - White Plains Railroad was built during World War I in an effort to meet increased demands for the…
The Naval Base, [then] known as "The Naval Proving Ground", was established in the town of Indian Head in 1890. Its main purpose was to test guns, powder, fuses and other naval ordnances as well as producing smokeless powder. The Naval Proving Gro…
One ←MileSite of a Union Battery, November, 1861 to March 1862. The movements of Confederate troops across the Potomac River in Virginia were observed from a balloon above this point.
Maintained headquarters here at Chicamuxen Methodist Church from October, 1861, to March, 1862, when over 12,000 Union troops were camped along the Potomac River in Charles County.
This is the site of Saint Charles Roman Catholic Church. The parish began as a "Station Chapel" in the nearby home of the Charles Pye Family. Priests from St. Thomas Manor House in Port Tobacco came by on horseback to minister to the people. Saint…
General William SmallwoodA hero of the American Revolutionand a native of MarylandCommissioned Colonel in 1776Brigadier General in 1777Major General in 1780Elected Governor of Maryland in 1785Died February 14, 1792Erected over his remains by the M…
1 ½→milesA landing on Mattawoman Creek used from December, 1861 to March, 1862 to unload supplies for a brigade of New Jersey troops encamped nearby.