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Cedar ParkPatented to Richard Ewen in 1666 as "Ewen upon Ewenton." Brick house built c.1697 by Richard Galloway II around earlier frame structure possibly dating back to 1656. Known as "West River Farm" in 18th Century. Home and burial place of Jo…
Jonathan Rawlings given a license to keep an "ordinary" (tavern) in 1771. George Washington dined here September 26, 1773, on his way to the Annapolis races.
Came here to the home of Col. Thomas Tailler on "the ridge" December 13, 1682 for his first conference with Charles Lord Baltimore as to the location of the boundary line between Maryland and Pennsylvania.
Here April, 1672, George Fox, founder of Quakerism, opened the first General Meeting of Friends in Maryland, marking the beginning of West River Yearly Meeting and its successor, Baltimore Yearly Meeting of Friends. Site of West River Quaker Meeti…
Organized 1700. House built 1742. The oldest social club in America.
Charles Lord Baltimore and his council attended the meeting of the Assembly here Oct. 2 - Nov. 6, 1663. 31 towns and ports of entry were established at this session in the several counties along the bay. Practically none of these towns exist at th…