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Three years after the death of his father, Charles Baltimore Calvert married Eleanor Mackubin (November 11, 1867). On the 203-acre portion of Riversdale that Charles inherited, the young couple built a farm they called MacAlpine, after the Mackubi…
Aeronautical engineer Henry Berliner (1895-1970) founded the Engineering Research Corporation (ERCO) in 1930 and built its research and production facility just east of here in 1937. The company specialized in the design and production of a small,…
You are standing near the remains of a 19th century icehouse. What is an icehouse? An icehouse is an underground facility designed to store ice during times of year when it is not easily available. Icehouses use the natural insulating qualities …
Much of the area around you — some 1500 acres — was part of Riversdale, a plantation founded in 1801 by an aristocratic Belgian family — the Stiers — who had escaped the terror of the French Revolution and subsequent Napole…
Original Federal Boundary StoneDistrict of ColumbiaPlaced 1791-1792Protected by Elizabeth Jackson ChapterDaughters of the American Revolution1916