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This marker signifies the point where the beautifulSusquehanna River completes its 444 mile journeyto meet the Chesapeake BayPresented toCity of Havre de Graceby theSusquehanna River Basin CommissionMay 18, 1995
On this sitePresident William J. ClintonandVice President Albert Gore, Jr.delivered addresses in celebration ofAmerica's 25th Earth DayApril 21, 1995
Along the shores of the Chesapeake Bay wetlands provide a home for many different animals.Listen...Look...can you find the animals that call this special place home?Look Up!Can you find the snake? Black rat snakes are skilled climbers searching in…
Prior to roads and rails, water was the most significant transportation mode in the growth of our nation's emerging economy.Situated at the juncture of the Susquehanna River and the Chesapeake Bay, the town of Havre de Grace grew and prospered.Ble…
Wetlands are a beautiful place to visit. Brightly colored flowers and a variety of birds are just some of the wonderful things to see in a wetland.water rushes off the land in a storm. When the water reaches the wetlands, plants help to slow the w…
Herons, ducks, and geese gather along the shores and on the waters of the Chesapeake Bay.A Great Blue Heron has caught a fish to eat.Who is this?Domesticated geese are not native to this area. They are from Europe and Asia. The geese probably esca…
Canvasback ducks float quietly on the water The hunter waitsFlocks of ducks appear in the sky, cup their wings and drop down to the waiting canvasbacksThe hunter's ploy has workedFor it was not real canvasbacks that lured the ducks but well crafte…
Listen, and you can almost hear the jazz music and smell the roasting duck.Edward F. Piersol conceived the idea for the Bayou Hotel and was the first owner. The hotel, considered lavish for a small town was built with field stone from Harford Coun…
On this sitePresident William J. ClintonandVice President Albert Gore, Jr.delivered addresses in celebration ofAmerica's 25th Earth DayApril 21, 1995
This cannon of the War of 1812marks the site of the battery on Concord PointwhereJohn O'Neill1769-1838served the guns single handed during the British attack upon Havre de GraceMay 3, 1813 until disabled and captured.He was released from the Briti…