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This tablet commemorates the service in World War II of two thousand and one hundred and ninety employees of the Point Breeze Works, and is dedicated to their honor and to the memory of the following who gave their lives for our country. Aloysi…
In honor of all veterans who served this great country on land, sea, and in the air, and foreign soil so freedom, justice and democracy may prevail. May the living be blessed and the departed rest in peace. Amen.
In honor and eternal memory of the men and women of this community who served in the Korean and Viet Nam Wars 1950-55, 1961-75. They answered their country's call and made the supreme sacrifice.
In honor and eternal memory of the men and women of this community who gave their lives in the two World Wars 1917-18, 1941-45. "They do me wrong who say I come no more when once I knocked and failed to find you in. For a very day I stand…
This tablet place here by the citizens of Dundalk in greatful appreciation to the Bethlehem Steel Company for making this building available as a Community Public Library
In preparation for a probable British landing at North Point, defensive earthworks were partially dug at a narrows in the Patapsco Peninsula three miles south of here. Midway between North Point and the American defenses at Baltimore, British forc…
The Methodist Meeting House that stood near this site saw action September 11-12, 1814. Brigadier General John Stricker camped 3,200 troops here to await the enemy's advance. When the Americans withdrew, British soldiers camped on the same grounds…
After an impressive victory at Washington, the British targeted Baltimore, the third largest city in the nation with a population of more than 40,000. Troops landed at North Point September 12, 1814, and began marching north to attack the city fro…
People living in the path of the British army as it marched toward Baltimore in September 1814 feared the worst. Some hurriedly hid valuables; others packed what they could and fled. Residents who remained faced the enemy with courage. The Britis…
Baltimore successfully resisted the British assault in September 1814, thanks to thousands of determined volunteer citizen-soldiers. The following year a grateful city laid the cornerstone for the Battle Monument in downtown Baltimore, the first W…