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Hammond-Harwood House. Maryland Ave. at King George St.. Built 1774 by Matthias Hammond, local patriot Designed by William Buckland, Colonial Architect 18th Century furnishings One of America's famous houses Open to the public. …
Manufactured for the U.S. Navy's David Taylor Research Center by National Waste Technologies under a joint project sponsored by the Naval Sea Systems Command and The Council for Solid Waste Solutions November 1990
Class of 1897, United States Naval Academy USS Oregon, Battle of Santiago, 3 July 1898 Chief, Bureau of Ordnance, 1927-1931 Commander, Destroyers, Scouting Force, 1931-1933 Chief, Bureau of Navigation, 1933-1935 Vice Admiral, Commanding Battl…
Dahlgren Rifle 30-Pounder, invented by Rear Admiral Dahlgren used by the Federal Navy during the Civil War A forerunner of the big naval gun of today
Greg Harlin's magnificent historical painting honors the maritime and military heritage of Annapolis and it's significant role in our modern day liberties. The artwork features one of American history's legendary frigates, the Ranger commanded by …
Spanish Gun captured by U.S. Navy from Mexican Forces in California in 1847.
Cadet West Point 1832-6; Lieutenant U.S. Army 1836-7; Professor of Mathematics U.S.N. 1841—99. Brigadier General U.S.V. 1861-5; Naval Academy 1845-61 and 1866-71. One of the founders of the Naval Academy, his life's best years were devot…
These anchors known as "Old Fashioned" anchors were made for our Navy's first armored cruiser "New York" the flagship of Rear Admiral William T. Sampson during the Spanish-American War and weigh approximately 10,500 lbs.
Admiral, United States Navy February 26, 1882-May 14, 1968. Commander-in-Chief, United States Fleet when Japan attacked Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941.
In memory of Japanese Ambassador Hirosi Saito who died in Washington on Jan 26, 1939 & whose remains were by order of President Franklin D Roosevelt conveyed on board the USS Astoria to his native land. In grateful appreciation of American sympath…