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To the patriots of Kent County who risked their lives and fortunes for freedom during the American Revolution.
To honor those of Kent County who fought so valiantly during the War of 1812
Honoring those who served from Kent & Queen Anne's Counties.
Early September 3, 1814, at Mitchell House, British raiders roused Joseph T. Mitchell and his wife from their bed, shot their horses, and abducted Mitchell. They believed he ws commissary general for all of Maryland. His was a lesser job as commis…
The people of Chestertown—-a commercial center connected to international trade—-generally opposed going to war with Great Britain. Yet when war came, most supported the American effort. Chestertown sent many distinguished fighters to …
When four British barges entered Worton Creek in July 1814, local militia sprang into action. They ambushed the barges and forced them out of the creek. The Americans claimed they killed about 15 of the 20 enemy soldiers without losing any of thei…
At the outbreak of the Civil War in 1861, George Vickers opposed secession and used his influence to keep Maryland in the Union. He became a major general of the 2nd Division, Maryland Militia, and helped form the 2nd Regiment Eastern Shore Volunt…
In remembrance of the people who built and nurtured Chestertown for 300 years including those who worked land and river and those in trade professions, and religious leaders who inspired the essential being and spirit of our town. From their achie…
Chestertown Historic District has been designated a Registered National Historic Landmark under the provision of the Historic Site Act of August 21, 1935. This site possesses exceptional value in commemorating or illustrating the history of the Un…
In Honor ofJames Alfred PearceBorn 1840 — Died 1920Distinguished Citizen - Eminent JuristChristian GentlemanChief Judge of Second Judicial CircuitMember Court of Appeals of Maryland 1897 - 1912Erected August 1, 1942 by the Eastern Shore Soci…