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The 6th North Carolina Infantry Reg't (C.S.A.) camped along the hills 100 yard south of here from Sept. 1861 to Mar. 1862 and named the site in honor of their fallen commander Col. Charles F. Fisher. The camp contained more than 100 winter huts ho…
This building is dedicated toCarey M. Perkinsonfor his years of serviceto theDumfries-Triangle Vol. Fire Dept.& Auxiliaryand theDumfries-Triangle Rescue SquadAugust 1993
Dedicated to the brave Montclair residents who served our country in Operation Desert Storm.
In Memory ofJohn and Mary ThomasSept. 1901Little Union Baptist Church[Original Cornerstone]:Little UnionBaptist ChurchEstb. 1903
The Weems-Botts House offers a fascinating history on Virginia's oldest chartered town and two of the more colorful personalities to have lived here: the Rev. Mason Locke Weems and attorney Benjamin Botts. Weems, biographer of George Washington, w…
Built in the form of an eighteenth century mansion, neither a construction date nor a builder for the Ordinary is known. It has been suggested that it was built around 1765 by James Wren because of the many stylistic parallels between it and the C…
Built by Richard Blackburn of Ripon, England circa 1745, Rippon Lodge was home to many noted individuals including Colonel Thomas Blackburn, a former aide to General George Washington, Judge Wade Ellis, a Federal Judge in Washington, D.C., and Adm…
The Potomac Path, or King's Highway, was a major transportation route linking the northern and southern colonies in colonial America. Following an ancient Indian trail, the road assumed great importance for overland travel between the colonies and…
Located in Prince William Forest Park, the Pyrite Mine trail leads you to a peaceful, open expanse above the banks of the Quantico Creek. From 1889 to 1920 the area was busy with the sights, sounds and smells of mining. The Cabin Branch Pyrite Min…
The 2nd & 11th Mississippi Infantry Regt's. (C.S.A.) camped here from Oct 1861 to Mar 1862. They named their camp in observance of the 6th North Carolina's Camp Fisher (1 Mile to the NW). The 6th N.C. was the first Reg't. to establish quarters in …