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In grateful memory of James Wren 1728 - 1815 Vestryman, Trustee & Architect of The Falls Church
In Memory of the Civil War Soldiers who were buried here in this Hallowed Ground 1861-1864 Edward Bowman, 21st NYVI John Decker, 20th NYSM Patrick Doyle, 20th NYSM Horace Dougherty, 144th NYVI Franklin E. Dunham, 20th NYSM Curtis Fagan, 144th N…
To the glory of God and in honor of George Washington who was a vestryman in 1765 of the old Falls Church Built A.D. 1734 This tablet was placed by the Falls Church Chapter, Daughters of the American Revolution October 1911 Rededicated 2005
Original West Corner StoneDistrict of Columbia 1791 - 1792Dedication 1952Rededication 1989Falls Church Chapter, NSDAR
You are standing across the street from land that Harriet Brice, a "free woman of color," purchased in 1864. Together with her husband, George Brice, she struggled to farm the property during the Civil War. Although we had gained her freedom somet…
The Civil War dramatically affected this 1769 Anglican/Episcopal church that stands before you. The congregation disbanded as the war broke out, with some families fleeing the village. Confederate forces occupied the church in August and September…
Confederate Col. John Singleton Mosby's Partisan Rangers (43rd Battalion Virginia Cavalry) conducted raids on Falls Church through the summer and fall of 1864. On the night of October 17, a detachment of Mosby's command rode through the village do…
Although soldiers repeatedly overran and raided Cherry Hill Farm during the Civil War, this ca. 1845 farmhouse and the ca. 1856 barn behind it survived almost intact. William Blaisdell, of Massachusetts paid $4,000 for the 66-acre property in 1856…
On this site stood the Hangman's Tree According to legend, an old oakused by Col. Mosby to hang Unionspies after the Battle ofThe Peach Orchard during theCivil War. The tree was removed 1968.Marker by the Falls ChruchHistorical Commission…
In 1859, the church trustees bought this ½ acre (part of 1729 248-acre Trammell Grant) for $100. The 2-story clapboard over timber church served as a Union hospital and appears in Matthew Brady photos. Pastor John Read was shot by Mosby Troop…