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Here was bornThomas JeffersonApril 13, 1743Lover of Liberty
Near here, on both sides of the Rivanna River, was located the Monacan Indian village of Monasukapanough. This village was one of five Monacan towns that Captain John Smith recorded by name on his 1612 Map of Virginia, though many more existed. Mo…
The 19th-century mill village of Rio Mills stood 600 yards west of here, where the former Harrisonburg-Charlottesville Turnpike crossed the South Fork of the Rivanna River. Following the Battle of Rio Hill on 29 February 1864, Union General George…
Thomas Jefferson—author of the Declaration of Independence, third president of the United States, and founder of the University of Virginia—was born near this site on 13 April 1743. His father, Peter Jefferson (1708-1757), a surveyor, …
A mile north was born George Rogers Clark, defender of Kentucky and conqueror of the Northwest, November 19, 1752.
Ben Brown and other newly freed slaves, whofounded the community after the CivilWar, first named the settlement Egypt and then Bethel.About 1881, the community became known as Proffit when the Virginia Midland Railway placeda stop here, stimulatin…