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This rural historic district encompasses 50 square miles of the Piedmont. Native Americans lived here for more than 12,000 years before settlers of European descent, drawn to the fertile soil, arrived early in the 1700s. Several notable houses, in…
The St. John School, built here in 1922-1923, served African-American students during the segregation era. Julius Rosenwald, president of Sears Roebuck and Co., collaborated with Booker T. Washington in a school-building campaign begining in 1912.…
Flora Molton sang what she called "spiritual and truth music," a combination of traditional religious songs and her own compositions. Born here in Louisa County, the daughter of the Reverend and Mrs. William Rollins, she began singing in church. A…
At this old tavern Lafayette camped, on June 12, 1781, while moving southward to intervene between Cornwallis and military stores in Albemarle County.
Here was born Zachary Taylor, twelfth President of the United States, November 24, 1784. Taylor, commanding an American Army, won the notable Battle of Buena Vista in Mexico, 1847.
In Memory of,the soldiers, both Confederateand Union, who died hereat the Exchange Hotelused during the Civil War as theGeneral Receiving Hospital.Gordonsville, VA1861 — 1865
ALBEMARLE COUNTYAlbemarle County was formed in 1744 from Goochland County and named for William Anne Keppel, the second Earl of Albemarle, titular governor of Virginia from 1737 to 1754. A portion of Louisa County was later added to Albemarle Coun…
After reinforcements from Brig. Gen "Mad" Anthony Wayne arrived on 10 June 1781, the Marquis de Lafayette moved south from his camp on the Rapidan River to prevent further raids by Gen. Charles Cornwallis British troops encamped at Elk Hill. By 13…
Lafayette, moving west to protect stores in Albemarle from Tarleton, passed near here, June, 1871.
Orange County. Formed in 1734 from Spotsylvania, and named for the Prince of Orange, who in that year married Princess Anne, daughter of King George II. President James Madison lived in this county and President Zachary Taylor was born here. L…