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On this site in 1743 ordinary colonists began the successful struggle for greater civil and religious liberty, and inspired a series of events that changed the course of American history. Four years earlier the English evangelist, George Whitefiel…
Shelton House Under Fire May 30, 1864 (caption) For details about the scenes depicted in this image, please visit www.nps.gov/rich/sheltonhouse.
Totopotomy Creek separated the armies here between May 29 and 31, 1864. Twice the men of the Union 2nd Corps (Barlow's Division) charged down this slope. They hoped to cross the "deep morass" and seize the opposite heights. Darkness halted the fir…
Seven miles east, at Studley, May 29, 1736, was born Patrick Henry, the Orator of the Revolution.
Fighting occurred here and elsewhere around the Polegreen Church as part of the Battle of Totopotomoy Creek, spanning three days from May 30 to June 1, 1864. This ground lay between the opposing lines, and witnessed the ebbs and flows of fierce an…
Bon Secours MemorialRegional Medical Center Memorial Gardens & WWIIMemorial Wall Made possible by a grant from theRichmond Memorial Hospital FoundationMay 16, 1988 Dedicated to the Glory of Godand in loving memory ofour sons and daughterw…
Cradle of Religious Freedom From time to time, the power of a unique person and place changes the course of history. Here at Polegreen, between 1747 and 1759, the Reverend Samuel Davies inspired a small rural community—free and slave-to c…
Captain Co. F, "Essex Troop," 9th Va. Cavalry, C.S.A., killed in action June 13, 1862, aged 29. "A brother bore his body from the field" and "woman's voice.....read over this hallowed dust the ritual for the dead."
Site of Old Forte Matuxon, dismantled in 1676 by Major John Page. Page's Warehouse, port of entry and export, established by Matthew Page long prior to 1734. Town incorporated November 1762. Competed with Richmond for capitol of Virginia.