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O Lord who guides the stars and yet dost stoop to heal the broken heart. Thou, for whom no distance lies of time or space, shield all thy sons and daughters whom men call missing but whose place and circumstance are wholly known to thee. If they b…
Dedicated to those who gave the last fullmeasure and to those who marched beside them.
This native stone arch, built in1907, was used as an entranceto the Pulaski County exhibit atthe 1607-1907 JamestownExposition. When returned toPulaski, it was erected here as apermanent entrance to thePulaski County Courthouse,which was completed…
In memory of the Confederate Soldiers of Pulaski County 1861 - 1865
[North and South Faces)]:This memorial is dedicated to the honor and glory of all Pulaski County citizens who served our Country during World War I [East Face]Town of PulaskiFounded 1886Jackson Park
John Draper's wife, Bettie Robertson Draper, was captured by Shawnee at Draper's Meadow (Blacksburg) in 1755. Mrs. Draper was carried into the Ohio country along with her sister-in-law Mary Draper Ingles and five others. Six years later John Drape…
The town sprang up at the coming of the railroad and was first known as Martin's Tank. Governor John Floyd lived near by. The county seat was moved here from Newbern in 1894. The town, like the county, was named for Count Casimir Pulaski, killed i…