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On the evening of May 1, 1863, Lt. Col. George Edgar moved to block Union troops marching to Lewisburg. Establishing lines at Tuckwiller's hill, Edgar caught the enemy by surprise under cover of darkness early on the 2nd, and reportedly feigned or…
Built by Andrew Donnally a few mile north about 1771. Attack on this fort by 200 Indians in 1778 was second most important frontier engagement in the state. Fort was relieved by force under Col. John Stuart. Before the Fort Donnally attack, set…
Confederate dead were laid out in the Old Stone Church & then buried in the churchyard without ceremony. After the war their remains were moved to the present Confederate Cemetery. (Marker Number K.)
Dedicated to the Greenbrier Countians who were killed in the service of our country, to the former Prisoners of War, and to those who are still Missing in Action World War I ? World War II Korean War ? Vietnam War [Honor Rolls]
For sixty two years, the Beloved Pastor of Lewisburg Church. A faithful servant of God and a Pioneer of Presbyterianism in a vast part of Virginia.
Carnegie Hall, built in 1902, by Lewisburg Female Institute and citizens of the Greenbrier Valley area. It is one of only three Halls in the U.S. named for Andrew Carnegie who gave $26,750. Local citizens gave $10,000 to complete the Hall.Presiden…
Early in May 1862, Union Col. George Crook, 36th Ohio Infantry, led his command from Charleston to raid the Virginia Central Railroad near Covington. After tearing up track and burning a bridge, he and his men arrived in Lewisburg on May 17, with …
Constructed 1837 by John W. Dunn, well known local brickmason. All brick was made locally. Building has been in constant use since its completion and is unchanged except for wings added in 1937 and 1963.
Pontiac's WarMassacre of white families of Muddy Creek and of the Clendenins near here by a band of Shawnee Indians led by Chief Cornstalk, in 1763, completed the destruction of the early settlements in the Greenbrier Valley. Welsh Cemetery In th…
Col. John Stuart Col. John Stuart built Stuart Manor, 1789, near Fort Stuart. He was a military and civil leader and led a company in the Battle of Point Pleasant. As clerk of Greenbrier County, he left many historic records. His first office is s…