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Located at the site of the crossing of the James River and Kanawha Turnpike and Coal River. Covered Toll Bridge, built 1831 by Phillip Thompson and James Teays, replaced a ferry which operated in the same location. Bridge, one of the longest in we…
Acquired 2,000 acres of this land by a patent dated April 12, 1784, issued to him by Benjamin Harrison, Governor of Virginia. Washington obtained this tract upon a survey made by John Floyd, April 18, 1784 with a land warrant issued to Charles …
George Washington's "Cole" River Tract of 2,000 acres was surveyed by John Floyd in 1774 and patented April 12, 1774. Bounded by the Coal and Kanawha Rivers, "5 miles and 88 poles", it embraced the site of St. Albans.
Nearby stood Fort Tackett, destroyed by Indians, 1790. Near the fort the day before the attack, Mrs. John Young gave birth to a son, the first white child born in this valley. The Youngs and a few others escaped to Fort Lee.
This land, which was owned by George Washington, purchased by Morris Hudson, who in 1819 built a small church on knoll that adjoined this property. As was custom of the times, acres set aside as a cemetery for members of Bangor Parish. The church …
Discovered in 1963 by Sam Kessell. Recognized as one of the oldest and deepest stratified sites of the Early Archaic period (8,000-10,000 BC). Artifacts recovered document early inhabitants who camped here along Kanawha River, were small hunter-ga…
Constructed in 1846. This cabin served as kitchen house for the 600-acre estate of John Morgan. The day before the Battle of Scary, on July 16, 1861, Union troops commanded by Gen. Jacob D. Cox camped on the Morgan estate and were fed from this ki…