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Side A West Virginia (Morgan County) "The Mountain State"-western part of the Commonwealth of Virginia until June 20, 1863. Settled by the Germans and Scotch-Irish. It became a line of defense between the English and French during the French an…
Side A Morgan County Formed, 1820, from Berkeley and Hampshire. Named for Gen. Daniel Morgan of the Revolutionary Army. Many of his renowned "Riflemen" were from the Eastern Panhandle, where he once lived. Famed Berkeley Springs here. Side B …
The Washington Heritage Trail is a 136-mile national scenic byway inspired by the prominent footsteps of George Washington through the three historic counties of West Virginia's Eastern Panhandle. Compelling history, spectacular scenery, geologic …
Important concentration point of the Union Army from 1861 to 1865. As many as 16,000 Federal troops were encamped here at one time. A blockhouse stood along the tracks of the B&O Railroad at this point.
Built by State Road Comm. and local artisans in 1932; land given by H.R. Edeburn. Crystal quartz quarried from behind nearby Bloomery iron furnace, and stone from hillside behind the fountain. Spring water, gravity fed from hill above, supplied ar…