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A central West Virginia college maintained for the training of grade and high school teachers. Established as a normal school in 1872 by the Legislature. Given college status in 1930.
A college that offers both professional and general education with emphasis on teacher education was established by the Legislature in 1872 as the Glenville Branch of the West Virginia Normal School. Became Glenville State Normal School in 1898. B…
At the top of the hill is the site of a log fort 30x30 feet in size, built in spring, 1864, for Capt. W.T. Wiant's Gilmer County Home Guards. Occupied until December, 1864. Burned days later by Confederates under Capt. Sida Campbell.
(sidebar)Confederate Gen. Albert G. Jenkins led 550 cavalrymen on a 500-mile raid from Salt Sulphur Springs, Aug. 22-Sept. 12, 1862, attacking Federal forces and destroying military stores. He captured and paroled 300 Union soldiers, killed or wou…
1922-1992. Funds raised and labor provided by Duck Run and Bear Run citizens Wilford, Keith, Bush, Hess, Wright, Summers, Landford, Cloves,Divers, Hardman,Simmons & Floyd. Engineers: Fred Lewis & Wm Moss. Roebling Co. and Bethlehem Steel supplied …
Built this home in 1837 on a 1000-acre tract, and laid out the town of Glenville in 1845. As a member of the Virginia Assembly, he urged the building of the Parkersburg-Staunton Turnpike. As a Congressman, in 1842, Hays appointed Thomas Jonathan (…
Here was written "The West Virginia Hills," State song. This was the home of William Perry Brown, author of three score books for children, and for many years one of the most popular writer for the old "Youth's Companion."